I’ve been a golfer all my life, ever since I started to walk. I got down to low single figures in my mid-teens and represented Ireland at schools and under-18 level before the need to go to university and establish myself in a career took over.

I developed an interest in domain names in the early 2000’s and in recent years I began collecting generic golf domain names with a view to matching them up with businesses that could use them to their best effect.

For business owners, the advantages of using an exact-match domain name include:

  1. Instant recognition – you will attract more targeted customers/clients
  2. Credibility – promotes trust and confidence in you as a business owner
  3. Ease of recall for customers – reduces your marketing/branding costs
  4. Prestige – you will be the owner of the definitive name in your business category
  5. Defensive – prevents your competitors from owning the category name
  6. A saleable asset – should you ever decide to sell your business you can sell the domain name with it

If you would like to partner with me in using any of my domain names for your golf business please contact me via the enquiry page.